Purchased a Bootstrap Theme - need help!!! - Vegano


I have purchased a wonderful from theme forest. I am a student learning how to used Bootstrap and I have also purchased Bootstrap Studio. They don’t seem to work together.

I need to produce first my UI/UX design, then my Bootstrap website in 3 formats: mobile (first), tablet and desktop in French and English.

Can anyone tell me what software to use to open the Bootstrap theme and how to extract the UI/UX elements?

Thank you!

It doesn’t work like that. You need to know HTML and CSS to modify or “extract” anything from a HTML (or Wordpress, Joomla, whatever) template. There is no dedicated software for this. Any code editor will do. Bootstrap Studio looks like an advanced version of such code editor with WYSIWYG view, which I guess can simplify some things, but I don’t think you will get far without knowing HTML/CSS anyway.