I have already bought files but I would also like to purchase this page: https://themesindustry.com/html/sbx/index-9.html#design but I do not understand how to do it. can you kindly send the link to: ag.valle@libero.it? thank you


You can purchase that theme at here


but in index-9 the mouse is customized, in the files I downloaded there is no index-9

You can ask that question with that item author at here

Why index 9 is not exist in download file ?
if they didn’t give you that file then you can ask for refund no worry about that cause Envato authority will not accept this type of behavior.

let me know if you have any other question


Pardon but i have index, index1,index2
I would like to buy the mouse customization in index-9

I didn’t get you! do you want to customize that mouse effect ?


You can read that item documentation may be there written something about that mouse hover effect or you can ask question about that mouse effect. how you can customize or remove etc

Asking your question click this link and make a comments

Hi @francesca64

As you already purchased SBX template. So simply you can download the latest version template from your Dashboard Download tab. Downloads and there you will get index-9.html your required html page.