Purchase on Videohive from my earnings

Hi. Is there any way that allows me to purchase on videohive using my earnings ?

Yes, it’s possible, I do that often.
You only have to click the Buy Now button on the videohive item’s page, then, in the Checkout page, check the “Use $x from my earnings for this purchase.” checkbox, like in the screenshot below:

Unfortunately, I do not have this option. please can someone help

I can’t see the entire page in your screenshot, but there isn’t any “Envato Credit” tab at the right side of Skrill tab? You have to click the Envato Credit tab first (in your screenshot, from what I see, you are on the cards tab)

here is another screenshot. I don’t have the Envato credit option.

I’m out of ideas then :slight_smile: :hugs:
Maybe you should contact then Envato Authors Help and Support, they’ll look into your account, maybe there is a bug.

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Thank you Hevada. I appreciate your help

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