Purchase of Joomla template without installation, template file, just json folders for envato/client

Hi my client on advice purchaseed a theme which demo was in Joomla and she received a package zipped with just envato json files in it, not CMS or quick install or not even a template so I can build it up with the json files (SP Page Builder). I have emailed without response and urgently need to finish this installation. Please advise - duane@hamann.co.za

What item was it?

Unfortunately, support is only going to be given to the purchasing account i.e. your client

As all items are checked before being made available it seems unlikely that there is not an easy solution to the issue, but the client will most likely need to contact the author https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/203039054-How-to-contact-an-author

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Hi she has emailed a request that you assist me in getting the site ready for Joomla, I can’t seem to understand the setup process with the zipped file she sent me and have included her in this email.

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Unfortunately this is not how support etc for items works.

Can you share here the name / better still the marketplace link to the item that they bought (not the files they downloaded).

It would also be interesting to see a screenshot of the contents of exactly what is in the folder that they downloaded (again, do NOT share the actual files).

Hi Chantel, can you please ask this support guy to reply to my query and include me in the response.


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I’m not sure who/where you have emailed for support but just for clarity:

  1. help installing items is not provided with purchases

  2. Any item support that is available will only be accessible by the buyer and cannot be shared/delegated to a 3rd party

  3. Item support is managed by the item author and not envato or in these forums

Again, the best option is for you to share the name or link for the item here and we can direct you to the author or their support