Purchase Made; funds taken, no confirmation email sent

I purchased a form builder this morning. Paid for it. Was told I would be sent a confirmation email but haven’t received it. They have taken my money but not provided the product. When I hover over my username and click “Downloads”, it just tells me that they have sent the email to my email address and offers me a link to resend. I have clicked the resend link multiple times, changed email addresses, checked spam, but nothing. Submitted a support ticket but the wait is 5 days and they have already taken my money! Please help!

Should i ask for a refund? I bought this because I thought I could use it to complete a project toinght

@bm4s how did you get this resolved?

@THEMECO is there anything you can do to assist me with this?


Please be patient. Many other buyers are also facing this issue and Envato Support will surely help out soon.

I experienced the same issue…purchased but no confirm email with link…so you’re not alone. Hopefully they will resolve and update soon.