Purchase key is not enough, I need a token for Avada

Registering Avada is not really very user-friendly. I bought the theme as there was nowhere stating where to buy a license. I downloaded the info from “Download” which is not very obvious, but is a drop-menu, though it seems to be the way to download the theme (which it does too). Then I copied the purchase code that appears in the text file to the registration field on my site, but no, it has to be a token, that does not come along in the txt file I downloaded… so now what. What other hoop do I need to jump through? - Sorry for the rant, but wasting time on something like this is painful and frustrating.

How do I get a token instead of the purchase code?


Hi @mgallar2,

Envato API personal token:

You can generate Envato API personal token here . Please make sure you set required Token permissions. It may prompt you to sign into your Envato account

Before you create a new token the following 3 permissions should be selected from the list of permission available on the Token page.

  1. View and search Envato sites (checked by default)
  2. Download the user’s purchased items
  3. List purchases the user has made

Also you can check:

How to Register Your Avada theme Purchase Via Token Key:

Hope this will help you.


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Excellent, that’s what we need to know. Would be useful to have this info added to the PDF / TXT file offered with the purchase, would make things so much easier and waste so much less time for all involved. Thanks.

Envato API personal token is more sensitive things where need the user/customer permission for the required things using Envato api. So, it is not possible to add this in the PDF / TXT file. Customers have to create their own personal token using Envato api.