Purchase items using API

Hey, is it possible to purchase an item using the api?
I didn’t see any method for submit a purchase on the documentation

So if there is no option, what is the use case of the api?
My goal is to create a website that sells envato items, something like an affiliate, but the purchase will be through my website and I will purchase on behalf of my customers.


  • It’s not possible - you have to purchase it from Envato’s marketplaces.

  • The API is designed to create apps like purchase verification etc.

  • I’m not even sure what you are trying to do is allowed, but you would need to check with support.

  • Why would you do this? It’s not very responsible for you to be buying clients’ themes as it means that the item (that they have paid for) will only ever be available to download/update/support via your account and not theirs. Even if you use the API to automate updates that is still not providing the level of access that they should get, having purchased an item

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Thanks for your reply.
What do you mean by The API is designed to create apps like purchase verification etc.
What does it means to create app like purchase verification? could you give me an example?

And about your last question, I’m build a platform and I want to add also some of the envato products to my application. I want that payments will go through my application and not envato, and I’ll be responsible to provide the service.

As far as I checked with the envato api documentation I can access my downloads and my purchased and I can show all the data on my application to each user.