Purchase from NASA



One purchase from NASA Space Center! How can I found video?
Just interesting …:smirk:


woow! this is cool :slight_smile:
I’m following 2 NASA’s channels on Youtube and guess, that your track will appear somewhere there :wink:
I actually used some sounds from NASA’s Soundcloud in one track. Just for more space :smile:


Thank you)

They have soundcloud page??))


Yeah, sure! It’s not hard to find :wink:


Yeah, I already found it)


Wow! It’s really cool! ))


Go go go! :slight_smile:
Great news! :slight_smile:


must feel great :slight_smile:


Thanx guys)


This is more than cool!:))


That’s pretty cool! Once IBM purchased a track, and I was pretty excited


Ha! Now that is a cool one! Well done GEG! I hope they use it in something awesome