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I just purchased paralight and cant find the download for the program.

i was sent pdf fles and video tutorials… purchase serial codes but no program.

thank you.


Check you Login your account then search that file Envat Market Download tab still you didn’t find that open a Help Ticket the would like to assist you with an official answer


can you send me a link?

Download link

the download link contains pdf files and video tutorials.
I was under the impression i was purchasing animation software for depth of field animation.
if you cannot provide the product i paid for i expect a refund.
thank you.

Hi @battlefART,

Is this the item you purchased? https://videohive.net/item/paralight-after-effects-script-for-parallax25d-animation/17947707

That link is a script for Adobe After Effects, per its title. VideoHive does not sell any software. If you made a mistake with your purchase, open a Help ticket. Please note that the Help team is currently a bit overwhelmed with tickets so they may need some time to get back to you.


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Hi sorry.

is this a plugin for adobe after effects?

No worries! :slight_smile:

It is an After Effects script, which is similar to a plugin and easy to install. It adds a new panel with some presets and options. The .pdf files you mentioned (from the download) will explain how to install and use it.

Also, here are two tutorial videos for the item:

i have watched these tutorials.

which program does the script run in.

if i wished to use this script… which program is it written for.

If it is a stand alone program how do i install it?

You must run the script inside Adobe After Effects (CS5.5 or above). If you have that software, check the pdf files in the download for install instructions and usage information.

ok thank you.

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