Purchase_confirmation in analytic page

Hello, ladies and gentleman. Sorry for my noobie question but i’m confusing little bit. What’s mean purchase_confirmation in referalls page. It’s just a not neatly link or somebody can’t buy my item and returned. Or maybe man decided not to buy the track and returned once again. What do you think guys ?

Nobody knows ? :pensive:


I think this is the page from Envato itself, so like when someone has purchased your (or maybe someone else’s) product and he/she goes to the product page (of the analytics you showed above), it will show up as “purchase_confirmation”.

But I can not 100% guarantee you that this is true.

Hope this helped you out :smiley:

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No worries, If someone is on the purchase_confirmation page he has already bought the item.

Not yours though cause he may find your item listed below the purchase info in recommended products. It could be yours as well cause there’s a link to the purchased item their too.

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@revaxarts @Proxibolt Thank you, guys! I got it.