Purchase codes in the comments!

A lot of energy is wasted on the purchase codes being posted in the item comments section. First a users posts, then we flag it and say can it be removed, and then third user from Envato removes this. We need a filter that will block these out automatically. Thanks! #stoppurchasecodesincomments :slight_smile:

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Since this happens a lot and the customer’s question is valid in the comment— what is the standard approach for an author? Should I be flagging these?
But when I do that, does the customer get notified that their comment is being reviewed?
And instead of deleting the comment, is Envato able to just edit out the Purchase Code?

Also, maybe a notice at the top of the Comments tab would be great… “Please do not include your Purchase code”.

I always flag and ask “Please remove purchase code”. Admin removes it and the comment stays.

Okay, sounds good. I’ll go back and flag all the purchase codes with that. Thanks!

Envato would do well to detect purchase codes in their comment form and warn the user before they submit. Wonder if we could submit this as a issue/feature request?

Well I tried that with this forum post, as you can see it was posted June 2016. That says something, but I can notice that the amount of purchase codes in comments have dropped, not sure if it had anything to do with changing the support to forum on my site, or with the fact that Envato might have slipped some notice when posting a comment about this issue.