Purchase code?!

Hi guys.

I just have two questions, that probably might seem a bit stupid…
I have currently had a CMS script for freelancer support teams. But now, i want to add a new feature using the Envato API, so that the support team can verify the purchase code so they can check if the buyer still have support, or not.
My first question, is concerned to the fact that if I update my script with this feature, will i won the Inventors badge? That would be awesome :slight_smile:
The other question, is relative to the purchase code itself. I had a sale from that script, and I needed the purchase code for testing purposes. Is it possible to get it elsewhere without the need of requesting it to the buyer?
I checked all the API settings and it seems that doesn’t exist. Can someone confirm this, and help me with these questions?

Thank you so much and best regards :wink:

Related to the first question, please carefully read the badge description. You need to create a useful tool using the Envato API. After you created it, you can submit it for review. (Couldn’t find the link…but you can ask around the forums or submit a ticket to ask for the submission link)
Good luck!

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Thanks once again @WaterproofThemes for your reply.
Best regards.