Purchase code

I paid the monthly fee for the envato elements, because I wanted to use the Amely theme to shopify.

I have a question about the theme configuration, and I would like to create a ticket on the theme support. (https://arrowhitech.ticksy.com//submit/#100015226)

However, to do this I need the Purchase Code. I didn’t buy the theme, I paid the monthly fee (elements.envato.com) now I can’t get in touch to solve the problem.

How can I solve this?


Unfortunately, elements subscriptions do not come with support or updates. For this you would need to purchase the full copy

Ok Charlie, thanks for responding.

You know how you could get help, I believe it is something simple.

I couldn’t increase the size of the logo on the mobile site, so I changed it to 200% in the code. It increased, but was out of alignment.


You cant ry asking the author but they are not obligated to help unfrotunately https://themeforest.net/user/arrowhitech

Ok, thank you!