Purchase code

Hello, where I can find my purchases codes?

Unless you mean on elements where items do not come with purchase codes as premium features such as support and auto updates are not included

So, if worpress is asking for a purchase code to verify and activate my theme what can I do?

Almost certainly the theme will work without needing to do this and the activation will only be for auto updates, demo content, support or some other form of premium feature.

Have you tried ignoring the request and just using the theme?

Yes, I had have problems with this theme since the installation, I can’t upload images, none! And I’ve tried everything, that’s why I was asking about the purchase code.

So it works but you are after support…

Unfortunately elements items do not come with support (as ones from the main marketplaces do.

You could buy a full copy and get support that way or else try www.studio.envato mod

ok, thanks :slight_smile: