Purchase code verification failed!


I purchased a code from CodeCanyon, – Android Service Provider(Providers,Home Services,Services).

I made all the necessary customisations and made the application live in play store as well… Got a few user. now all of sudden the application is not working, upon checking it was stating “Purchase code verification failed!” but when I checked with the author, he said it was valid code.

If I ask the author to help me out, he is saying, run the application as it is like before the customisation even tried that as well. getting the same error. If I ask him more, he asks 60 dollars more for doing the same thing…

I am not getting on whose side the issue persists, whether it is from CodeCanyon or the author. I had even transferred it to different server as well to be double sure from my end.

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Hi Jeethendramestha,

Is the license of the item currently active? If yes, the author should help you to solve the issue and make sure the item works as intended, without additional costs. I’m considering that you haven’t manually modified essential parts of the core code related to this verification/authentication step.

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Yes, I asked even the author to verify the purchase code. He said it is valid too. Whatever customisation we added we rolled it back and now downloaded the files and hosted it again, still the problem persist and the author is not being helpful in terms of solving the issue without any extra cost.

Hi Jeethendramestha,

Do you have an alternative server or could acquire a very cheap server of another hosting company just to make it sure it is not a server related issue/limitation?

And, for example, if the item depends on PHP, try to modify the PHP version and follow the documentation of the item strictly.

If you did everything and the author is not collaborating to provide a solution, you can contact the Envato help center or request a refund.

Second time I hosted it on shared server itself. But still the same issue.

Coming on to PHP version I did that as well.

if you change your hosting server without the license key (purchase code) deregister first then purchase code verification issue may occur because each license will be valid for a single end product. Again you can politely request the item author to assist you (provide guideline) on this. If author ask you payment then you can report it to directly to envato customer support by openning a Help ticket and let them know. Envato Customer support team will be happy to assist you.

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How do I deregister the purchase code? I haven’t changed the domain it is the same, just pointed it to a new server that’s it.

I have requested the author multiple times and tried to explain the criticality of the situation since the application is live and customers are unable to use it now.

How do you I raise the issue to Envato team?

you should check the item documentation or ask to item author how to register and deregister the license.

when you changed the hosting then your ip has changed.