Purchase code is not valid

I bought wowonder mobile native time line when try to creat CERT encryption key system is telling me that my Purchase code is not valid. almost one week i couldnt solve with envota pls help me @DoughouzForest


Contact with your purchase item author hope they will help you out from your issue.


I think u replied without reading what I wrote at my email. I choose that option from pop up menu because your system don’t allow to text email without choosing one of them from pop up menu.

We are sending plenty emaileveryday to solve the problem. I bought 3 items from your platform.

  1. Wowonder Facebook script

  2. Wowonder native timeline

  3. Wowonder android applicatiın

Last 10 days we try to get a correct purchase number of wowonder native time-line. You sent us licence and on license there is an purchase number which is not correct. Therefore Autor didn’t give us server key to upload time-line to server. When we wanted to open a ticket from your system, your system refuse us as invalid purchase code.

Your company said sorry and sent us another one yesterday. And it didn’t work. Autor still telling us invalid purchase code.

And every day I try to explain myself that I am a buyer and I need purchase code. I hope you are in management position at that company. U guys solve my problem. Solve this stupid problem today. How can it be difficult to give a correct purchase code. I paid money and I bought an item which is not working. 10 days we are texting emails everyday. Solve my issue if you don’t want to live problem with my company.

1st purchase code : [removed by mod]

2nd purchase code : [removed by mod]

Solve my problem

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