Puchasing Code

Please may you help me, I bought Royal Mult- Purpose Wordpress Theme. I need to activate the using the same puchasing code to activate the theme but its not working. I was using the them for 4 websites.

I need to use this theme for different projects on wordpress.
If possible send me another puchasing Code

Hello @0765565511 and welcome to the forums!

You bought a regular license for the theme and according to Regular License Terms explained here: https://themeforest.net/licenses/terms/regular you can use one license (theme) only for one website.

This is why you cannot activate it on all those 4 websites.

If you want to use the same theme on 4 websites, you’ll have to buy the theme 4 times.

All the best!

No, but its not fair. What about if i need to selle it to someone.

I didnt know i was lazy to read. Please may you help where can i find a theme that i will buy and creat more websites.

All themes here are 1 use/Website per license/purchase.

There are no multi use license on envato for web templates or themes.

If you need to sell projects then just buy another license for each one. It’s always best to have the client buy the license for their project rather than you anyway.

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Are you serious? The only unfair person here is you. It’s really unfair to purchase theme, install it on multiple websites, and then sell it to someone.

Authors work hard to bring you great items at great prices, so it would be fair to support them and purchase separate licenses for each website.