Publisher Theme - No longer available through Themeforest

I purchased the Publisher theme from BetterStudio through Themeforest in 2016 and have built my site thinking that Themeforest was a platform I could rely on for building my site on. I am now unsure what to do as Themeforest has removed this theme. I am concerned about security vulnerabilities if I continue to use this theme as I move forward. Should I assume that this is possible to happen with any theme I purchase from your platform? I am a bit concerned whether I need to be turning to a different platform.


I’m not sure this is the thing that you need to hear but at this point, there’s not much thing you can do. You can change the theme to another if you think there’s a problem with the theme ( security matters ) Please, remember that the author may remove the item as well as if the sales are not good

But as an author at ThemeForest as well, since 2016, there has been lots of changes. I can offer a service to check your theme and update it if it’s necessary ( paid support ) if you don’t want to change it.

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