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Hi All,

As announced last month, we’re today making reviews public. This is a feature that has been discussed in many forum posts and requested by many community members in my two years at Envato. And I’m glad to say it has finally arrived!

Asides from being a familiar user experience on other marketplaces and ecommerce sites, public reviews provide a lot of benefit for the community. It puts less importance on the overall star rating and instead gives customers an opportunity to decide whether the recent reviews are relevant to them. This change is an opportunity to focus more on the positive while creating a fairer system overall.

How it works

The existing Reviews tab (which has always been available to the author of that item) will now be available to customers on the Item page.

Only reviews that were left after April 28th will be displayed to customers. While this does create a discrepancy with the overall score and number of ratings, we felt that it wasn’t fair to display reviews where the customer and author weren’t first told that it would be public. We applied this same logic when we starting allowing authors to respond to reviews last year.

By default customers will see all reviews (i.e. even those without a reason or comment) with the list sorted by newest first. A new sort feature allows customers to change the order of the reviews by what’s relevant to them (date or star rating).


Other changes

Now that we have public reviews, ratings should be primarily used to help customers shortlist the item. It’s an indication of whether a particular item should even be considered, with reviews being the deciding factor of whether or not the item is for them. This means that we can put less emphasis on the detail of each rating while still giving customers an accurate representation of an item’s score. One of these changes has already been deployed (see below) with some more small improvements expected in the next couple of weeks.

Displaying a percentage of overall score in place of an absolute amount will focus customer attention on the big picture.


We’ll be making a few further changes to the reviews tab and system more broadly so stay tuned to this post if you’re interested. If have an thoughts or questions on the above, or if you see anything strange then please leave a comment.

Thanks for reading!


This is a really nice feature, thanks for your great work.

I think there should be limitation to allow customers to leave reviews like does. On upwork, clients can change their review only when freelancer allows it. I think we need same feature on this marketplace as there are some customers threaten by frequent reviews.


as if we asked to display these new ratings…

Since you allow author to start reply to the review last year so why you don’t post the reviews starting from the last year
Because the review on videohive is very slow and may we must wait 1 to 2 years to start see some reviews on our templates, and right now we have a great review and it’s not fair to keep it hidden.
in my case i have 212 rating and review for 5886 sales and only 4 review will be display

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Ideally, there should have been an option in Author Dashboard saying “Display Reviews From Beginning of Time”. This would have made things fair and would have had no room for complaints.

Obviously, buyers leave reviews for the world to see, and not just authors. So they won’t have any complaints either.


Nice! Thank you)

This 100% right so when author say “Author’s after-sales responsibility is top class!” or “Great support. Prompt reply on my email, Ouss guide me through the customization process. Cheers!” i don’t think they leave this review for me to read it :confused: anyway i think all reviewers know that the review is for public to share their experience.

Nice, lol -


Haha nice :)))

Can’t agree more. In my opinion all the reviews should be visible by default, maybe with opt-out option in settings.

In worst case scenario one can sort by Highest Rating to only see latest ‘one star’ review while all the positive ones remain hidden :wink:

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@andrewfreeman: Will you also add the possibility to rate/review an product directly on this new public review page when you have purchased this product? This will allow us to send our customers directly to the review form of the product, instead of sending them to the download page.


Great suggestion - will discuss it with the team - thanks!

So why aren’t all reviews displayed? Please make an option to show all. In the item’s settings.


Nice, great job :slight_smile:

Basically users werent’ pre-warned so Envato cannot show them, they would need to contact every buyer and get their approval to use their review.


If that was the case then all authors showing buyer reviews on their item page would be warned and be asked to either remove it or provide the buyers approval for use of their review!


###Great update. Here are my suggestions.

  1. Old customers will look for the right sidebar for reviews, they are more likely to overlook the review tab. So Adding a button like “see all reviews” in the rating sidebar section will be cool…

  2. There should be an option for “Show only reviews” so that ratings without comments will not show. So its easy to read on.

  3. There should be a “Rate this item” link in the top of review tab visible for Purchased buyers. From now on, buyers are more likely to visit this page for rating.

  4. Like Amazon, do you think adding “Is it helpful? Yes . No” will be good? So that it look like: (17 out of 20 people found this helpful) So that default sorting would be this.

  5. In one of my item review page, I previously replied to a buyer like “this feature is not available”. But then I added that feature. However it appears on the review page as Author reply, so I wish I could add one more comment or edit that. Is that possible?

Thank you.




In your example, ratings sum is equal to 97%. Would be great if it’s equal to 100%.


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That is a very good suggestion @SW_THEMES