public folder previews are gone , why?

hi my public folder previews are gone , why? has something experienced the same pls? why this?

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Hi, same for me. As far I have seen found all folder (collection) assign to default collection image instead of what we had setup. hope envato engineering team will fix it soon. @rosssimpson please can you check it for us.


Hi , I’ve got the same issue too ! :slight_smile:

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Hi folks, thanks for the heads up! This should be fixed now.

There was a bug that was rolled out about 7 hours ago; any updates to collection images in that time have regrettably been lost. The bug has been fixed and images uploaded prior to that time should be showing again.


thank u , happy that u could fix this annoying thing, thanks a lot for your the staff’s reactivity

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Thanks, issue is fixed now ! :slight_smile:

oui heureusement , cela n’as pas pris trop de temps …

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Je ne savais pas que tu parlais Français :o

je suis Nantais :slight_smile:

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