Public collections on profile page

" Public Collections allow you to group items together and make the link publicly available. They can be used to group items to show a client, to showcase work, to create links to use with your referral code or to create collections of related items to appear on item pages."

Question: If I post another author’s item to my bookmarks and a user clicks on that public bookmark, do I earn any commission as an Impact affiliate? Any video that explains better how this works or any example profiles?

To earning from affiliate you mist have to join Envato market affiliate program. and using your affiliate application short link you can affiliate any items exist in Envato.

Here is Envato market affiliate program, you can join from here:

New Market affiliate program has launched!!

Latest Update:

You can watch video:


I already joined the Envato affiliate program with Impact, what I wanted to know is if I create a collection with products from other authors using the Envato Market tool I earn any commission.


You will not earn any commissions through Envato Collections tools. To earn from affiliate you must have to use the Envato affiliate program (Impact) short link and have to advertise those link through your website, social media, email marketing etc.

Ok, understood. Thank you!