Pssible conditions to sell the theme on themeforest

Hi Guys/ friends,

I want to create pro theme. I would like to know which of the following options can be used in making of theme according to themeforest principles.

  1. If i use any free theme with plugins like “site-origin page builder” and create new theme, will it be okay to sell…?

  2. If i purchase page builder like Visual-Composer or Swift page builder, etc and then create new theme, will it be okay to sell…?

  3. If i purchase extended licencee copy of any one of paid theme like avada for example, and i make new theme using it, will it be okay to sell…?

It seems, according to themeforest rules, all of the above three options are perfect to sell the theme on themeforest as i do not violate any digital law or copyrights.

It might possible that i have missed any point, so I would like to know it from official themeforest users, so i can start working ASAP.
If there is any problem with above options, please tell me the solution for it. This help will be much appreciated.

Thank you,

Opt 1: Absolutely NOT

Opt 2: Technically yes but VC is a plugin so you would need to create the ‘theme’ first to include this, AND require the right license to use the plugin for selling products here etc.

Opt 3: Absolutely NOT - unless you have express permission and extended licenses

The short and simple way to look at it:

You cannot under any circumstances buy a file here to modify/change format/edit etc. to re-sell here without an extended license and express permission and agreement e.g, profit sharing etc. with the original author.

You cannot build on someone else’s work or files/themes from elsewhere (unless they have express commercial license).

The closest option is probably to build a theme using a framework and then if need be something like Visual Composer - but while this is easier you still need to understand the core basics to be able meet submission guidelines and the more you try to cut corners and focus on quick fix routes the more likely you are to turn into issues.

Bear in mind that selling themes here is not about just creating a pretty demo. You need to be able to update it, support it, fix any bugs.

Hi Charlie,

Thank you for instant Reply. I really appreciate it.

I searched for frameworks to build theme. I came across these -

  1. Genesis
  2. Headway
  3. Ultimatum
  4. Cherry - free
  5. Runway - free

Which of these will be compatible…? Or all of theme will work…?

There are many more people on here better placed to advise on this but as far as I know Underscores, Unyson or Runway.

Remember that Envato have their own WP requirements for submission so you will need to understand how to work to these with any framework and if you plan on including a page builder also like VC then buy the right license and understand how to integrate that properly also