Pseudo effects in AE projects. Approve or Reject ?

I hear that VH doesn`t like when you use this technique in AE projects.
So question is - is this possible to put in ZIP two project file WITH and WITHOUT this pseudo effects?

anyone ? :frowning:


I am not sure about that. but i think its not possible. may be you can try

Get this script. It creates pseudo effects without any alert errors in other computers.

Here is quote from comments :

“Hello. You will see the “Missing” only in the name of the effect, and that this problem exists only in older versions of AE (to 12.1, this is the first update for the first CC). I’d like to recommend you to download and try the demo version.”

So … this is the same error as usual.

Not the same. Absolutely. There is a huge difference, when you open a project and see an alert error in the middle of your screen telling that you have no such effect installed, and just “Missing” text in effect name and only in CS6 or older versions. So there is a difference.
I used this script in many of my project and never have problems with any reviewer or buyer.

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got it. Thanks

Hi, this script works correctly only CC2015 and above (without “Missing” )