PSD to WP/HTML ... permission IMPORTANT!

Hello everyone, in some topics i can see many answers replied by moderators about asking for permissions in partnership between psd designers and developers, that says 1 - Have to buy extended license 2 - Have a permission from the Psd Designer 3 - Be ok with the partnership terms between designer and developer. My question is, is there any official form or model for asking for permission, in other words : how can we write the permission ? where to post it ?are the communications between the authors recorded ? (In case of possible problems). Thank you for clarifying this.

Ask the author to contact you via the contact form on your profile page. That would be enough

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Where exactly ?
did you mean that form ?
is it controlled by envato ?
can we refer to it in case of problems ?


The contact form can be used to contact the authors simply.

There you can cordinate; If you want all the rights or if you are looking for a collaboration.

Everything that is agreed upon will be under your responsibility. And there should be no problem if you make a responsible search for an experienced author.

Good luck.

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Thank you a lot :slight_smile:

Yes, that section. The messages over the contact forum is been recording by Envato so you can use it as a document if you need later

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