psd to html courses

Hi. I am Nasser.
I want to learn how to convert psd to html.
What is the best course can I take. I am beginner.

Also can I request an srt files for the course that I purchased

Hi @alprince89, Ian here from Tuts+ Web Design :slight_smile:

We have a ton of beginners courses which should help you out, for example:

That should get you started!

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Thank you for replyI have a good knowledge in html and css but I want to learn the way process to convert psd to html.
I want to purchase psd to html: the responsive portfolio build.
When I purchase the course can I request an srt files for the videos because my listening skills in english isn’t very good and I can’t understand all thing I hear in English.

@alprince89 let me just see what the status is of transcription with this course… @richardguay – do you know if we have .srt available for this one?

Psd to html: the responsive portfolio build

The course “PSD to HTML: The Responsive Portfolio Build” doesn’t have closed captioning done for it yet. If you click on the “CC” button at the top of the course listings, it will show all the courses that have had captioning already done.

HI! you search psd to html in youtube

Hope you are well.
I will teach you to covert PSD into HTML. Please add me on Skype -seth.cis

Waiting for the reply.

Best Regards
Seth Roger
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Hi all,

This is my first post. I hope everyone is doing good. I just wanted to know how long does the PSD to HTML5 conversion takes. If I wanted to create a 5-10 pages website for example? I have recently receive a quote from they say, “they can do it in 5-6 hours and charging me around $75 per page.” Is this worth doing from them or if you can recommend some services cheap and fast?


Best Zaheer