PSD theme soft rejected because of documentation.

Hi All,
My new PSD theme soft rejected and I received following review:
"Unfortunately your documentation is not very informative and does not explain in detail how to edit your item"
I have added what fonts have been used and details about pages. But how can I explain how to edit part? As its hard thing to teach anybody. I have submitted PSD themes before and this is first time I have received this sort of feedback.
Can anybody please help me with this review? Any reply would be appreciated.

Hi ya,

You need to ensure that you 1. List all the files included 2. A getting started section, where you include the PSD version you used to create the template and also minimum CC version needed to work with your PSD, and then fonts that needs to be installed etc. 3. You need to give screenshots of your Layer/Group structure and also include an example of how to edit one of the layers, preferably with screenshots again. And indeed give links to resources/images/ etc that you used.

Hope that helps ya…


Your need more information for example when used images, fonts, icon, etc, layer/groups, name author, date create psd, etc luck :slight_smile: regards.

Thanks guys its finally accepted :slight_smile:

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congrats!!! :smiley:

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