PSD theme - HARD rejected

Greetings Envato Community members!

We’ve created a PSD template, which was hard rejected. Can you please help us about that? We would like to know the reason for rejection and how can we improve it.

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS NOT MET: Your item does not meet the minimum technical design requirements for this category.

Our pages (previews in a .zip package):

In order to access the above package you might want to use the credentials below:

themeforest / ptH9bYdpnfYA

Thank you so much for this!


Better luck next time with new idea and more improvement on new work

Why Rejected ???

There is lots of reasons about your rejection few of are -

  1. Main thing about typography - Its not proper - Like Font weight - Size - color combination - letter spacing - line-height must be consistent and feels like premium also.

  2. Use some better looking icons - Used icons are feel like its too old compare to modern design

  3. Visual Hierarchy is not proper - The sections of your theme still needs extra works to attract

  4. About banner work - Image used is nice but the overall look with font and shape used is not getting in write format. The banner is the main thing about any design - if its in proper way and attractive then the overall theme/template will look in better way

Improve above point it will be accepted