PSD template rejected over and over...

I’ve uploaded my template over and over again, tried modifying, tried more upgrades, re-check documentations every time but right after 8 days, i got mail that my template is not fit for quality standards.
Please have a look at and let me know what is wrong with it…

I’m new user, i may be making some sort of mistake here is what I’ve done and I’m doing with template when i improve it again for review.

  1. template has images placed but images are not included separately with disclaimer that these images are for demo purpose ( should i remove images and leave placeholders only? )
  2. template has a 12 grid red lines in center covering from header to footer with margin from left and right. ( should i remove grid, or modify/resize it? )
  3. template has 5 files name like this 1.file.psd 2.file.psd 3.file.psd … ( should i rename removing these 1.x.x 2.x.x numbers? )
  4. template has document file explain about font used and explaining how well organized everything is. everything is grouped, labeled/named every image, every layout, every style every shape is named and organized well. ( should i remove it? or is there a trick )
  5. my template is 2151px in width, should i do something about it?
  6. is there any trick to upload stuff in envato?

Thank you in advance.

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I think the main issue here is that your design looks quite bad. It looks like a design from 2007, so many fonts, many styles of button, the color, shadow doesn’t work well…

You may want to have a look at recent designs on TF for reference.

I’m sorry if that makes you unhappy. Good luck!


Thank you it helped, i was so confused, i was just wanted to listen to reasoning which envato does not provide when they reject something, it is true that this design is old, but i wasn’t aware about envato having something like this in their quality standard.
Thanks again, I’ll make new.

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