PSD Template need your opinion

Hello guys,

I’ve created my latest PSD template and i need to know your opinion about it. Do you think that it is ready to be uploaded? I’m going to make a dark version and maybe i’m going to add a blog section.

Here is the link: Tempa Architecture PSD Template

Thank you!

Hard to tell, seems you have very good & creative concepts there.
Overall typography not end to convince me.
You need to give the premium and pixel-perfect feel :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Good luck !

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Someone else with opinion?


I need your opinion before submitting.


I think it looks good, depends on how you do the rest of the pages… but it should get accepted.

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Hello digitalscience,

For now my idea is to be just a one page. If it get approved i will make a multipage version. What do you think?

Thank you!

thats a bad idea

  1. it won’t get approved with single page (possible but hard)
  2. you won’t get sales (value for money)
  3. by the time you provide updates…it will go away from home page and not much exposure (hardwork going vain)
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Well in your navigation you have all these other pages, so if you just submit this one page you’re not submitting a complete project, so it will most likely be rejected. Also buyers will be asking for the rest of the pages anyways, and because of the way PSD’s are priced, you’re far better off designing all the pages for biggest impact. And you really only have the first week to make that impact, updating later will be pointless if no one can see it and all your hard work would be a waste of time.

You have a good foundation with this design, so just roll out the rest of the pages and submit.

Thank you so much, digitalscience,

I’ll keep this in mind.

Have a nice day!


Besides the fonts (too bold here and there), it looks nice. Anyway it would be better if you’ll design the other pages too, as a customer I would certainly want them included in the file I purchase.

Hello guys,

I think that my expлanation was wrong. Here my idea:

1.One Page Demo
2.Multi Page Demo

Thanks for your feedback!!