PSD Template Hard Rejected, Need Feedback.

Again got Hard Rejected second time. What is the reason ? Will you help me?
Please help me to understand what things are not quality standard in my design.
I am looking forward to some expert guide in this.!

01_home|137x500 !
02_home|137x500 !

First half looks ok to me but the second half looks done in hurry. Check the hierarchy between elements.

i personally do not see so much difference apart from color combinations, besides some of them pretty strange as regard to the team and when it comes to color combinations complementary color system

thank you so much for feedback.
Can you put some more light on color combinations complementary color system?

Thank you for feedback.
could you give me any good reference layout hierarchy between elements. so I can understand more.

complementary colors are easy to search for , just type in a search engine u will fond easily …