PSD Template - Hard Reject ?

Just got a hard reject (quality standards) on my PSD template submission. I welcome your feedback on what could be improved.


Good job, but I think your typography a little bit simple. You should find more interesting font pairs and sizes of fonts.
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Hello guy, whats up?

I guess, basically (as the Aspirity says) you haven’t a good typography, I mean, there is no a default font family, headings, font size and line heights, maybe that is the man reason you got a reject.

Other thing I think you have to change is the blog area, the post tittles have a weird design, you know? Seeing all your preview I can see that you have good expertise to improve that area :slight_smile:

p.s. I’ve got a hard reject to and working to improve my PSD as you can see here:
WP Theme and PSD rejected

Look to my PSD and see about typography we are telling you.


Hi there:

Your template psd is hard rejected because you typography not good, line-height bad, padding/spacing, your design is too basic, you need learning practice design psd for approved themeforest, regards.