PSD Template Feedback

Hi guys,

I’m trying to submit a PSD for a specific niche (Football / soccer). I’d love to get some feedback before I submit the PSD, so that ideally I can iron out any kinks without getting rejected.

Would love it if you could give me some frank feedback:

Would this work?


It’s not rejected, I just want to get some feedback to make sure it is NOT rejected.

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you design is good work :slight_smile:

Thanks! Would love to get some more feedback from other people?

If I owned a football team I’d buy it. Looks nice.

Hi :slight_smile:

Good work, Well done

If it was me I would definitely re-think the Logo and paid much more attention to use of White Space and Typography, Specially White Space.

have a good start, I would say that there are some errors with spacing.

on the other hand it is too similar to an item available in TF

good luck continues to work

I would be careful with this,check for any similarity with other designs in the category.

Hi @Spnoy, do you have a specific suggestion in that regard please?

Hi @TexTheme thanks for your feedback. Would you clarify on what you mean with the errors in spacing? Also, which item are you referring to please? Thanks

Hi @codenpixel - can you tell me which you believe are very similar please? It’s not too easy to come up with a completely innovative template, there’s going to be some overlap.

I think its a combination design. GoodLuck :slight_smile:

@CodePassenger - is that a good thing or a bad thing? :slightly_smiling:

@dattard Generally you can use more spacing in your design, currently it looks a little cluttered. maybe larger top/bottom padding for your sections and so on. You can google about the White Space and its importance in design, there should be great articles out there. Cheers.

Here is an updated version:

Would appreciate some more feedback guys!


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