PSD template - Documentation Requirements

One of the things in Documentation Requirements is this: Groups & layers must be documented, preferably with screenshots and descriptions.

Ok, I do some screenshots of layers and my question is where to upload that files?

Enyone help please!

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Main Files will is a file .zip, its include folders is PSD Files and Document :slight_smile:


do exactly what he said @LoganCee

Good luck with your submission

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Yes, you submit psd files and document.but with placeholders not see images in psd

good luck.

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I have a question, if i dont layer my files do i still need a documentation?

Yes, your need a docuemtation groups and layers psd

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I see some psd files doesnt have layers, so what i am going to document if i dont have layers…

Do you work in photoshop without layers? I think that not accepted it

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If you work some without layers not worry not need a docuement because already have a document “groups and layers”, do you understand me?

P.s: sorry my english is bad


Yeah man i dont like using layers and groups… so what i understood is i dont need a document and also dont need layers? thanks for your help

If you not make a documentation “groups and layers” I’m sure not accepted seller your .psd, I think that you can make other thing in documentation I think that accepted it.

How are you creating a PSD template without layers? How are shapes and text editable without layering them?

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Sorry guys I meant grouping layers… I just dont like grouping them, so in this case do i have to group the layers? and what it means “layered: no” in some psd templates… and if i dont group layers do i need a documentation? what would i write in documentation?

I think that without layers as “merge visible” in photoshop but not all some

If you not want groups then you can make a documentation “only all layers photoshop”

Have you got a demo preview link of the design?

All basic shapes and text must be editable, and if the file is sufficiently sizable enough and of the necessary detail for PSD category ) then you are going to have a LOT of layers of content and without grouping them it is is going to be extremely messy.

What files have you seen where it says not layered?


Maybe he have design professional but not like groups

I dont have preview link but yeah there is a lot of layers and it is looking messy right now :smile: if you write pure on psd category you will see the template that has layered no… so i shouldnt be lazy and group those layers i guess… and yeah jeri themes it is a professional design

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I see that - how weird - maybe as it is broken out into so many pages they risk it.

Technically ‘layering’ is not in the submission requirements but I just don;t get why someone wouldn’t

What’s even stranger is there are numerous files e.g. Artua that says ‘Layered: No’ yet in the item description it talks about organised layers.


OP’s question was different. @OP No you don’t need to explain each and every group and layer in your documentation file. Just give a basic idea of groups and layers for people who might be beginners in using PSDs. If you want to include images in the documentation, then you can use PDF or HTML file format.

@ Other guy asking about grouping, Your template will be rejected if you dont group the layers logically.

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