PSD Soft reject with no details !!

I just received a soft reject for my PSD Template but with no details

Here is what I got

26%20PM :

What does that mean??

I think reviewer told you to open a help ticket and please mention in ticket the reviewer focused statements. Hope you will get details there. Thanks


Sorry I am new here :sweat_smile: How I can do that?

Use this link to Open Help Ticket. Thanks

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Can you tell me more please, there are three options here:

Which one I choose? do I need to upload my item in the form?

select market Author. no you don’t need to upload your Item. Just provide the link of your soft reject Item link. and the reviewer comments and request them to help you.

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Sorry for asking a lot of questions :sweat_smile:

You said on your first reply: mention in ticket the reviewer focused statements

I should just write the name of the author in the details, right?

no, no need to mention reviewer name. I mean mention reviewer comments left for you. So, you can write My Item got Soft reject and the reviewer wrote these in comments:
Please Open a ticket to make your …WIZ
Also just provide the link of your soft reject Item Title and link And request them to help you about this.


I have written Treeweez On the copyright footer and there is an author named Treeweez, I think that the first reviewer thought that we had collaboration with this author, so I resubmitted clarifying that there is no collaboration and I removed the footer copyright, I got a response in a few minutes with hard reject I don’t understand why?!!! :sweat:

I don’t know why your Item got hard reject. But I think your Item was belongs to another Author copyright and it is enough to get hard reject. Please give more attention to make next Item. Good luck

In fact my designer doesn’t write in english so he just copied that line from another template and forgot to edit the company name there, that’s the story :grinning:

My personal opinion please work on the template make significant changes and can be considered as a completely new item that is entirely distinguishable from the first upload. So that it look and feel as like a totally new Item, you can think about layout, color, features etc. Then submit it with a new title. Thanks

It is 100% original no sections have been copied, I submitted 2 pages, 1 home page, and a single post page
We have met all the requirements explained on the link, the only one single mistake mu designer made is that he copied the copyright statement from another template because doesn’t know English language, that’s all

2 pages won’t be nearly enough

You will need to consider about, contact, alternative home page layouts, category layouts, multiple post types etc etc

I found PSD templates where there are only one page!!!

May be older files or they may be a one-page design - yours is a blog and therefore requires more to it.

It’s impossible to comment without seeing the design but I would be 99.9% certain that the lack of other pages is a key part of the rejection

here are my pages:

I think that is enough for a blog :smile:

It looks nice but why would you have ‘about’, ‘contact’, ‘categories’, ‘art’, ‘lifestyle’, ‘travel’, etc. if they don’t exist? Feels completely unfinished and rushed which is a shame because the design concept is good.

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That’s True! Thank You vary much charlie your comments are so useful, I really appreciate that :blush: