psd rejection hard


i am very new to this market place. But i am facing one problem that is i have submitted my .psd template two times. But in both the times its hard rejected. i have no idea whats wrong with this. I have followed all the rules and regulation , including full grid psd.

i am very much tense about this rejection.

i am looking forward to some expert guide in this.

You need to post a demo image of the design here - without seeing it then it’s impossible to advise on


here is the design

  • fundamentals need work esp the typography, spacing

  • the design itself feels very basic and outdated and it needs a lot more features, detail etc.

With all due respect there is a long way to go with this file to be approved. It’s a mis conception that PSDs are easier to do as there is no code and less to them but in actual fact it’s one of the hardest categories given there is zero room for error or non pixel-perfect design.

you are correct. what about psd to html or wordpress? i know quality is very important part. But from some where i want to start it.

It is a premium marketplace so nothing is going to be “easy”.

If you can code then maybe loook at partnering with someone who has a PSD approved already and converting it? At least this way you should get past the design challenges

you are right i have seen few companies are doing there any objection envato having like ? partnering with them and convert their psd into wordpress or html. original design belongs to other company. And how i can get these people? from envato. i am originally a programmer.

there are some templates available in html , bootstrap under the public license but they are not existing in wordpress. will we use that?

You can’t convert other files from here without permission from the original author. If you get that/form an agreement with them then you can convert items into other formats.

The original author just needs to let envato know thy you have permission

and where i can search for partners?

People post in these forums all the time. (Bear in mind that partnering via forums is fine but discussing buying/selling rights to files is not).

Otherwise find a file you like/think would sell well and contact the author directly

yes i am always working in agreements. But a person like me who is very fresher dont know if any partner will interested in me.