Psd or Sketch templates need.

Hi friends. I sent so much HTML templates to review but all of them were rejected because of quality standard.
Could you help me?
I need some approved psd, eps, sketch etc. templates to convert to HTML.
After it is approved;
1- I can share all earnings with you.
2- If you dont want me to sell, I can remove it as soon as possible.
I only want to see why all of my templates are rejected…
I will be so thankful, if you could help me.

Approval in one category does not guarantee approval in another.

If you share your rejected demos here then you can get feedback.

If you want to partner with someone to convert a PSD etc. then you need to be clear on a lot more info e.g. who’s account does it go on? What tax implications does this create? What % split or fee? Who is doing support? Who is doing updates? etc. etc.

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Then share your designs here, but the reason is 99% the design quality.

There are often people selling rights to their PSDs or searching for partnership in this forum so just make sure to visit every day.