PSD Just Rejected. advice please


Our PSD Project for Hotels and Motels Just got rejected… Any advices What we did wrong ?!

Thank you in advance!


Your design needs lots of improvement.

  • Improve Typography.
  • Use better colors.
  • Create more pages. May be Home Page, Inner pages
  • Focus on UX
  • and most important, arrange layers and groups perfectly in PSD.


thank you very much


@themeextra touch the all design issues. I can add only two things

  1. Be careful with spacing

  2. Also be careful with alignment

Hope good news is waiting for you.


Your template is too basic easy elements, problem typography, need more better colors, also need better logo, problem margin or padding etc but your can search a idea for example behance, etc for make your new template webiste .psd but NOT COPY DESIGN, luck :slightly_smiling: regards.


Thanks for advice !


Thanks for advice ! Bro


This is still far from being accepted in TF.

You need to improve with typography, white spaces. Work more on small details.

One of their catch is difficult to see to give more critical, since you can have to improve the hierarchy.

Keep working and become familiar with the items available in TF

Good luck greetings


Thank you very much