PSD Item rejected! Help me with some tips. please

Some Feedback about this. Thanks in advance!

No voice from expertise, so temporarily you may listen some words from me :slight_smile: conclusion, your template is sound good, it offer essential requirements which template need, formal style fit with business … however it miss something called unique, blown mind, assume you can pass reviewer, it really tough to attract client inside. Hope best luck at other item, other field… good day!

With respect, you are a considerable way off the standard yet.

  • The one-page concept is VERY overdone and difficult to approve as a PSD - almost certainly worth having both one page and a multi-page version

  • Your typography (esp titles and hierarchy) need work

  • There is inconsistency padding and spacing throughout sections

  • Some aspects have navigation as others do not

  • It definitely needs more modernization and originality throughout

  • PSDs, esp one pagers need to be flawless and pixel perfect in design (must have premium value to warrant someone wanting to buy it and code it rather than just buy a ready-made and functional template