.PSD / HTML to WordPress, OpenCart, Shopify coop. at ThemeForest / TM

Our profiles:

TM /vendors/NetGon/

In two words:

We (and also our two friendly envato authors, one elite one) are looking for new people who are interested in to join our team. Need more guys to produce WordPress, Shopify and OpenCart themes. 3 guys per CMS. And also ~ 3 more designers for .PSD’s.

Sales from our profile. 75% from .PSD, 37,5% from HTML and 25% from template is yours.

Fixed prices at the current moment are not considered. Most of the team was against it. We will probably return to them later.

Money transaction 1 time per month, ~ at 15.xx.xx. We put all sales in Google Sheet. Who, how much, %, date and etc. Mostly via Payoneer, but Skrill and PayPal also can be possible.

*. We are also looking for WordPress module development on codecanyon and Shopify one for shopify.com.
** Cooperation on other tasks is possible. Outside stocks.

Interested in? Knock to skype - [skype id removed]

Excuse me, maybe I’ll ask a stupid question. But why does the author(for example PSD) share his profit with you?

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It calls - Russian business:)

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Nope. No answers for stupid questions, that is actually troll comments (like your one), or comments to other useless stuff from inearby inadequates, will be here.

Hmm. I thought you were open for discussion… It is a pity that this is not so :zipper_mouth_face: