PSD Hard Rejected! Can someone tell me why?


Hi guys,

I would appreciate if someone could tell me more about the reason why this template was rejected?

You can view homepages here:

Other version:

There are more of them, but that’s the overall style. We just got a generic message from the reviewer saying it’s not high quality.


Congratulations for the work. The problems are multiple.
The first problem is that: your theme is very common.
In my opinion, the second big issue is the typography.
As someone to buy your theme add pages and elements.
You have a lot of work at design and colors.
My advice is to look at top products for your category. But remember, Envato always wants something new!
Good Luck !


Layout its fine.
I recommend you like thezoc say
Improove typo + colors
If you can add unique layouts will be better.
Good luck