PSD file size - Upload


Hello guys

I have a problem I think. I have designed a template and now deleted all the images to upload the PSD files for review. But even without images, PSD files are still 15-20MB big. How is this possible? I only have shapes, text and some icons in the files ( like 1800x3000 or 1800x5000)…

Should I somehow reduce the size before the upload, or is this okay?
If it’s not, how can I reduce the size? I’m lost.



I really need help.

My clean PSD files + jpgs + documentation are 600Mb for 40 pages.

Only shapes, icons, text and colors are in clean PSDs. Not a single image.

Any advice?


I’m lost…


There is no size restriction, so it’s ok.


You can upload, No worries for sizes.