PS 3D no help for wine bottle photographers - I need a plugin made - I think - PLEASE

I am a photographer of wine bottles, and labels. The plan is to change my workflow so that I keep a number of perfectly retouched, and BLANK bottles, and place perfectly retouched 2D labels onto these.
The bottles will vary in width/diameter and the labels will vary in width.

Proposed Solution:
A plugin which would:
Prompt for the width of a 2D bitmap label (which would be either JPG or PNG)
It would then prompt for the diameter of the cylinder the label should reference.

The plugin would calculate how much the label needs to be distorted laterally (only), and accurately render the label.
Only an isometric render is needed.
I would then use ‘Warp’ to curve the top and bottom edges as needed, to emulate ‘camera angle’.

I understand the feature existed pre-CS4…but has been ‘lost’.

PS 3D is not the solution, I feel sure of it. Tell me if I’m wrong please.

Any takers?