PRUDUCT CLAIM TO BE IN HD but all i get is 1280

what im doing wrong? this whole license proces seams to be abstract, and unnecessary to me, but maybe i make some mistake during download?

actualy “Text graphic” comp/element look even worse the 1280(it is 1280 but seams like forcly upscale). its blury as almost like SD… what a crap.
colapsing layers all-over,
dose not help,
this are just low quality pre-renders enabelt insde project.
but pruduct descrition clerly say its 1920
so where is my dowload mistake? how to download full ver?

Looking at the video preview, it looks like the text and photo backgrounds are intentionally blurry as a design choice. Although not really a requirement of the author to do so… I would expect the comp or pre-render to not be blurred, so that the blur can be altered to taste within the comp. Have you had a look to see if any blur effects are added to the backgrounds in the comp? If they are pre-rendered then the quickest way would be to check the footage folder in the download… there you can see if they’re blurred or not.

Still, while such functionality (altering or removing the blur) would be nice, there’s no real requirement to include it, and there’s nothing in the preview video or description saying it is included. Might be a case of having to find a more suitable template.

However, it looks like the Videohive item description does state that it is 720p, but the description isn’t automatically ported over to Elements… even though the stated item stats show 1080p. That’s something that @CG-COVER should alter.

Thank you mate for replay and will to help. But obiusly its not problem im facing

  • product description is 1920x1080

  • but comps inside are allover 1280x720

  • there is no additional proj files, in package

  • one of copms looks even wors, almost like pre-renders for this one wuld be up-scaled

  • there is no blurs on it :wink:

  • fortunetly im able to tell difrence betwen low-res crap - and artistic blurines :wink:

the only, two options is:
A) missleading description - that shuld be changed - (how to report that?)
B) another package to download and i dont know how to get to it

Space stock - if you culd download this one and chek for me?

I don’t have a subscription, sorry. Have tagged the author so hopefully he can advise.

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