PRS or BMI for stock music - which is better or is there not a major difference?

Hey, I’m from the UK and considering uploading some music to AudioJungle and wanted to join a PRO. I was wondering whether any of you would be able to say whether joining PRS (the UK’s PRO) or BMI (one of the US’s) would be better. Is there any major difference between the two or would you recommend one over the other?

Base your decision on where you think most of your placements are coming from. I would join PRS if you are expecting a lot of placements in the UK and possibly Europe, as you will get paid quickly following broadcast. If most of your placements are in the US then I would opt for BMI/ASCAP/SESAC (not sure which pays more here someone could advise) that way it would be quicker for payment. I find payments from Europe are quite quick through PRS, some countries take a lot longer, Italy for example.


Each PRO collects royalties from its own country. It collects them with the biggest efficiency if you are registered with it (e.g. it can sometimes help you with wrong titles etc.).

On stock most uses are in US, not in UK. So I would choose US.

Especially that in US cue sheets are not as obligatory as in Europe.

On the other hand I had the biggest royalties from Europe, not from USA. Though nothing big from UK yet.

And don’t forget to register your tracks with Soundmouse.

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