Prowess - Fitness and Gym Theme - Functionality question


I’m writing to ask a question about your “Prowess - Fitness and Gym Theme.” I’m very interested in purchasing it but have a few questions about it. I want to make sure it has all the functionalities I need before I complete my purchase. Does your “Prowess - Fitness and Gym Theme” theme have the following:

  1. A user log in system where people can register and become a member of your site.

  2. A way where members can have access to more content than a normal site visitor; members get special privileges.

Please feel free to further contact me via email or phone to discuss these questions.

Theme Name: Prowess - Fitness and Gym Theme

Thank you,


Hi @MarketStBallroom,

You can ask your pre-purchase query directly to the Item author by posting comments going through the Item Comments page. The item author will answer your query.



Thanks for the reply. Do you have the link to that page? I went to the items page on themeforest site and can’t find where to ask the question. The only option I see is trying to make me pay for it before asking anything.

You can ask your questions here: