Provided Choir For This Trailer

This is really massive for me!!!

I did the vocals with my kids for this trailer


Wow, that is a pretty impressive gig indeed! You must be really excited :slight_smile:
You and your kids did a great job, congrats Flossie!

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That’s fantastic, My daughters would have loved to have done this!!

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This is awesome! Well done Flossie! Is it an AJ track?


Excellent! Great job Flossie and kids! :+1:

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Thanks @PurpleFogSound - yes really excited, must stop watching it! :crazy_face:
@delgibbons Ta love!
@PaulGraves Thanks, yes it was really fun to do!
@AndySlatter Thank you Andy, no it was bespoke for the film
@FirstNote Aww thanks :smile:

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Fantastic, well done :grin:

Hahahahaha, sorry Flossie, I posted that before hearing all of the track, and it was on my iphone! :slight_smile:

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That’s ok :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Great work Flossie!

Excellent! Thanks for sharing.

Sound really cool. Saw this trailer the other day. Great work!

That voice is really suitable with the trailer, amazing sounds!! :smile:

How cool is this? Just wow! Great work @FlossieWood

@SteelSound Thanks :grin:
@applehillstudios Thanks!
@AbnormAudio Thanks I liked it too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
@FASSounds Thank you - nice and eerie!!! :ghost:
@MARiAN Aww thanks, it was a fun job!

It’s great! I was impressed with your creativity!

Congrats Flossie! Great work!

Have you also composed the music?

Awesome stuff Flossie! I’m impressed! My daughter can’t even wash a plate up :roll_eyes: Haha…
Congrats on the good job :smile:

@SmartSounds Thanks but the vocals were to a specific brief, so it was a case of providing what we were asked for!
@ilovemedia-es Thank you, no just vocals
@simaudio Haha!!!:joy: Mine can’t either, they are motivated by money I find though!! Thanks :grin: