Provide fixes/patches directly to buyers after they have purchased my item

Hello everyone,
As far as I know, any update/fix must go through the review processes (for Code Canyon) and there is certain limitation on how many items an author can submit. So, is it legal that I provide fixes/patches directly to buyers after they have purchased my item? For example, can I just post a software patch to my sale page for my users to download and apply?

Or if there is any other way to achieve this, please let me know

Thank you

I believe the updates won’t effect your submission limitation. You could update any items as much as you need

Thanks for the information. However, I’m afraid I will have to re-submit the entire product as if it is a new one. The reason is that codecanyon does not support “submitting only updates/fixes”. Then, it is impossible to release updates/fixes on a daily/weekly basis to my users as it will be considered abuse by Envato reviewers.

Correct me if I’m wrong about this


You don’t have to re-submit the item as new. There’s a “Edit” button on your item page, you can make the changes and submit the updates


thank you @ki-themes, this could be what I’m expecting. Will give it a try