Protect us from crazy buyers.

I worked as a provider in for about 8 years. Does anyone remember the Express Wordpress installation button next Downloads items buttons? I was one of those lucky ones who received these orders. A year ago, was shut down. Now I’m working in support with two teams, and I’m also studying developer courses in order to leave the usual support for development or at least developer support, because the earnings differ significantly. In fact, I have been working in support for almost 5 years with different teams.

One of the top 10 sales teams in the WordPress category.
I would like to tell you a story that happened last week. One user created about 20 tickets during two hours, I answered them all. The user turned out to be problematic, he could not even send the correct login and password and showed obvious aggression. I answered most of the tickets without the need for a login and password. When I pointed out that I had already spent enough time to go to the site and check the problem, but every login and password was wrong and asked the user what the problem was to send the correct data, and not waste my time, then my boss was indignant. My boss texted me saying you’re being rude, you can’t do that. And did you know what my boss did? He said that, I myself would answer this user’s tickets. In total, this user created about 50 tickets within two days. And this user gave 1-star rating to our template 4 years ago! I’m really sorry for my boss. He helps me a lot, but a year ago there were 4 people working in support, and now I’m alone. If a year ago I closed an average of 40–100 tickets per week, now I close an average of 150–200 tickets per week.

The second team is the Russians who fled Russia because the sanctions blocked bank payments. I have to work with them, because dollar payments are often delayed and the last time I waited for a salary for a whole month, because an American bank froze the payment for verification. The second team pays me rubles, these payments cannot be blocked. The other day, a customer put one star. She created 2 tickets about the next issue. Posts have navigation arrows at the bottom of PREV, one post on the left does not have this arrow. I did not immediately understand what the problem was. Turns out it was the first post. Of course, the first post doesn’t have an arrow on the left that says PREV, which means previous, since it’s the first post. Oh my god, what stupid people. And this customer gives us 1 star! I explained this to her, but she never removed 1 star.

I remember another case. The buyer created several tickets, where he requested customization and adding a number of functions that were not in the template, he also put one star. I asked him to write Codeable, as there are many developers offering their services. I tried to complain about this rating in envato and provided evidence, but envato replied that users can write whatever they want, this is their opinion about the template. Oh my god, you guys have no idea, but 2 years ago, such ratings were removed without any problems.

In general, so guys in 2020 to 2022 we had the strongest global crisis. Maybe in 2-3 years people will forget about this crisis, like a nightmare, but then again in 4–5 years we will again see a very aggressive global crisis, as capitalism is organized. Many markets will simply disappear, in the best case, envato will remain an envato.elements with GPT chat technical support (where artificial intelligence answers any questions), in the worst case, nothing will remain of envato. Until that happens, let’s be human and do something to protect the authors of the crazy buyers.

AI is not that good to understand who’s crazy or not :slight_smile:
Joke aside, you can’t make everyone happy, 1-2% of the people are there to complain about no matter what you do. You just need to learn how to handle those people as you could slow down your respond time. In some cases, it’s not really good idea

Technically you may be correct however usually “prev/next posts navigation” is an engaging element. If there is no previous post, simply loop it to the latest one. From my experience of building themes there was no customer who wanted to disable the looped posts navigation (this option is enabled by default on all the themes I produced).