Pros and cons of uploading songs you love

What is, in your oppinion, the pros and cons of uploading songs that really matter to you? For example, today I released an EP consisting of 4 tracks that I’ve put an awful lot of work into and the aim is to push my artist career (which is really just a side business, I’m mainly a freelance musician) forward. Would you consider uploading songs like that to AudioJungle where you have no controll over what kind of projects the songs might be used in?

If you’d like to have a listen I would be thrilled to hear what you think:
Apple Music

Now, I know none of these tracks would probably make much sense on AudioJungle since they’re too “artistic” if you will, but the topic is interesting to me. Anyone else having this dilemma?

Your tracks maybe won’t work on a corporate video, but would work great on a documentary or film. There is room for songs with vocals, quite a lot actually. Find libraries that take music with vocals, there are a lot and can get you good placements. Music licensing is not just corporate tracks.

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