ProRes or H264 for Project FIles?

Hello guys!
As I know videos with alpha channel for Motion Graphic need to be rendered with ProRes codec instead of PNG now. So I would like to know can I pre-render project files in Logo projects with ProRes 4444 codec too?

Yes, but you can also use a PNG sequence here, that is lower in filesize.

I am skeptical about Image Sequence, Several times i faced a issue with Image sequence, Some times 1 or 2 file in the sequence get corrupt for no reason, My choice is Prores HQ for No alpha Movs, In case of Transparency either Prores HQ and matte as a separate Mov or Prores 4444

Thank you! I am trying to avoid image sequence. They really can be corrupted in result after upload/download process.

Never had that problem to be honest.

I happens not so often but still I am trying to not risking.

Well I am close to 35,000 sales and never had a person report this so I’ll take my chances for the future.

I am not so lucky :smiley: